Tanzania's coastline is 1424 kilometers long. Hundreds of islands, tiny romantic bays, peninsulas, exposed  capes and an almost untouched nature, together with the most interesting landscape, flora and fauna of this part of the world, makes everyone find his own heaven on earth. In this paradise sportsmen can do all water sport activities, adventurers can explore the maritime life and landscape and even for intellectuals any comfort and tranquillity are available, last but not least it is a fast value growing investment. No other property in Africa has such a fast up-growing value like beach properties. The country is not only famous under the name of "Swiss of Africa" not because of it's size but due to it's political stability; it is also a safe and free of natural desasters like Tsunamis, hurricans, tornados, earth quakes and other catastrophes.

It is the ambitious intention from MyBeach and its German management to promote Tanzania's coastal properties and to assist people who are looking for their own piece of property at one of the worlds most beautiful beaches. If it is for giving someone a gift, for companies to do business or even for retirement and investment Tanzania's first Beach Estate, MyBeach, is your only specialized partner for beach properties in Tanzania. 

Have a look at our online choice and if you want to get more details, pictures or a date for your site visit mail to info@my-beach.com . And if our offers will not be convenient for you, tell us what you need and our team will find your dream beach in paradise. Additionally we also have more properties in our offline pool.

Specialized on beach properties the company also offers professional service for  commercial, industrial, residential and agriculture properties which are for sale as well as for rent in the interior. Due to the fast changing rental market only a few can be displayed on the website and hundreds are in our offline pool. Furthermore we have in our on- as well as in our offline pool a range of hotels for sale as well as lodges, warehouses and other different types of properties with a high recreation or touristic value.

MyBeach as your professional assistant for properties, because:

You can always change your colour, furniture or gardening,

but you can never change your location again.  

For more pictures, please click on one of the small photos or property names below. 


Promised land -  For people who like space, view and rural life nearby the city. A 2 acres plot on a slope on 20 kilometers from the city center which offers idyllic natural surroundings while joining a marvellous panorama view on Dar es Salaam, the shore plus the precedings islands. Only a very few Dollars per square meter!

Zanzibar islands- A rare and very special point of the unique coral island Zanzibar. Here a mature vegetation comes together with a gorgeous view on a 3 acre plot with 160 meter of sea frontage. Two small sandy beaches at its border and a steep slope in between plus good infrastructure directly at the property.

Palm premises - Good opportunity to live under palms in a four bedroom villa nearby the sea in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. The mansion is not yet fully finished and therefore reasonable priced and open to your own taste and ideas. fantastic gardening in a quiet location and therefore best for retirement as well as relaxation.

Scuba water - First business recommendation for all entrepreneurs of water sport and tourism activities. 7 acres with non-stop swimming as well as anchorage facilities at Zanzibar's most demanded beach strip: Kendwa Rocks. A purely business neighborhood of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants will make sure that your business will get sufficient customers. This is not only the last open space in this area for sale; it is also a fully discounted sale price, because the owner is in need to sell it fast.

Suburb villa - Superb architecture and certainly one of our best housing deals in Dar! 5 bedrooms, servant quarter, a 2 bedroom guesthouse and a tower for the water tank - everything on a 1 acre plot. Another advantage in addition to the nice price, the construction is not fully finished. Now you can choose your own taste!

Arusha manor - 11 acres of an old coffee plantation on the smooth slopes of mount Meru only 15 kilometers eastwards towards Kilimanjaro from Arusha. One of the five constructions on the property is an attractive and idyllic cottage designed by a European architect.

Bush farm - fullfil your dream of land, your project or just be the owner of 300 acres of farm land. Only about 60 kilometers from Dar es Salaam, 12 kilometers off the tarmac road and directly on the railway. The crops of this farm can be brought easily to every market!

Investment resort - is certainly our first recommendation for investors who are looking for much profit. This fully equipped well operating 40 room beach hotel is located in Northern Zanzibar. You do not need to be present this profitable business can be easily supervised from abroad - only come and collect the revenue.

Euro hotel - the unique occasion of a well established hotel business under European management on the spice island Zanzibar with 80 meters beach access of the finest white sand in Eastern Africa. Ideal for investment or to work in paradise and generating profit. Instead of buying property, the whole company will be transferred to your name. Now discounted for more than 25% plus 12% due to the low USD-exchange rate.

Kilimanjaro-Meru slope - one acre farm property with an incredible view towards Africa's highest summit and Tanzania's second peak Mount Meru. With an altitude of 1800 meters above the sea level it is the best climate for a retreat, recreation or relaxation. Located between Moshi and Arusha close to the international airport.

Tropic reef - is the longest beach in our pool. 12 acres of fertile beach land with a fantastic view, sweet water lagoon, full sandy sea bottom and an attractive tropical vegetation. This is the ideal spot for a big project - only 45 kilometers south of Dar es Salaam. Save anchorage as well as boat access and a fishing paradise some seamiles off the shore are making this spot the ideal place fishers, seamen and all maritime friends.

Lodge lagoon - only 30 kilometers South of Tanga, located on dream spot with best boating facility. The 4 acre cape property has a huge semi-finished villa which was supposed to be the main house of the lodge. Attractive spot and a got occasion to enter business or to have a dream house on a lagoon.

Cave valley - certainly the cheapest property in our online pool and holding the most interesting features. Unexplored caves, cliffs, river and an attractive flora and fauna are giving this property which is located nearby Tanga a big advantage for a flourishing tourism project or just a recreation holiday home. And for sure it is a paradise for speleologists. Don't forget your torch!

Dar es Salaam view - Although Dar is one of the most expensive towns in the world, this property proves that you can still live affordable only 12 kilometers from the city center and just 2,3 kilometers off the tarmac road. A small house, situated on a 2,5 acres plot, overlooking the town and the coast. For people who love view - it do not has to be always on the beach.

Deep coast -  Anchorage, infrastructure and a fantastic view are making this 5 acres spot a dream location. Just 20 kilometer South of Bagamoyo, directly on a well protected lagoon where you find everything for boating, water-skiing and fishing.

Next paradise -  a residential property with good infrastructure and lots of very tall coconut palms. Due to its location, the vegetation and the blue sea view a dream location on the East Coast of Zanzibar.

Sultan square - only 51 kilometers East from Zanzibar town, a well protected and basically constructed 3000m surveyed residential property with a sea frontage of 78 meters. Good access, security and infrastructure therefore for someone who does not like to miss anything while enjoying all advantages of natural beach life. Now discounted!

Shopmile - for biz only! Top location of this almost 3000m big property at Tanzania's most booming road nearby the city center of Dar es Salaam. Suits well for restaurant, office or aob which needs a boosting start. If for rent or for sale the owner is waiting for your offer. Please come closer!

Weekend beach - a full sandy beach and sea bottom! You can drive directly with your vehicle on the beach. Slim but wide. Affordable but exclusive. Located only half an hour South of Dar es Salaam.

Sweet home - a brand new, top finished 3 bedroom villa in the leading emerging areas of Dar. The low sale price makes the dream  for young families realistic. Please never wait or hesitate to ask for further details and to book a site visit with us before it will be taken off the market.

Miko safe - a 5 bedroom house fully air-condtioned located in the secure high density area of Mikocheni of Dar es Salaam. High density means high security without having any hassles regarding the garden. If for rent or for sale you can't save more money for accommodation than here.

Desela - located at the edge of the coastal hill over viewing the whole bay with its lagoon and peninsular. It has 3 houses, 2 semi-finished and one living house only 5 meter located from the lagoon. The 7,5 acre dream plot has 180 meter sea access and is only 5 kilometers  from the new Dar Es Salaam-Bagamoyo tarmac road away. Regarding view, breeze, boat access, swimming facilities and infrastructure the best hotel property so far!

Pirates fort - something for historians and business people who know how to appreciate the ancient flair and ambience of old Swahili settlements. This old mansion with dozens of rooms is located in the stone town of Bagamoyo on an almost 3 acre plot with a sandy beach access of 117 meters. An unique opportunity to bring up a business or to have a spacious and exclusive residence.

Karibu guest house - located at Zanzibar's prime beach: a small running guesthouse for a small price.  Very good occasion to enter a business in paradise with attractive conditions for everyone's purse.

City beach -  it is hard to believe but true: Just 8 kilometers from the statehouse, 60 meter of sandy beach with non-stop swimming facilities, tarmac road, electricity, telephone line and a safe shelter to anchor your yacht. 1 acre of beach, well priced and everything in the capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam.

Cliff home - certainly a unique opportunity to purchase a one acre beach property in Dar es Salaam for little money. A wonderful mature garden with a couple of giant Baobab trees and the rough sea in front are giving this property a fantastic ambience.

Ocean land - so far the largest offer. 90 acres for the price of 20 acres. Located at the cultural center point of the mainland, the former capital Bagamoyo. Full infrastructure, lots of space, plenty of coconut palms and a breathtaking view, the location and its neighborhood has plenty activities to offer. It is even enough space for a 9 hole golf course!

Mansion bora - a brand-new 4 bedroom house in best finishing of high quality material for a very reasonable rent in Dar es Salaam. This house will fulfill all your dreams of having a comfortable luxury home.

Allyouneed - is not only love. Only 35 kilometers south of the capital you will be more than pleased with what you have: Sandy beach, mangroves and cliffs. Boat access and fantastic view from every point of view of the property. Almost 10 acres with more than 300 meters coast line are offering you to fulfill almost each project.

Royal residence - so far the most luxury and comfortable mansion MyBeach has to offer. Placed at the most magnificent spot of Zanzibar's East coast. 5 bedrooms of which 4 are self-contained and all of them have whether a veranda or a balcony. Certainly the best place for resting and not missing any amenity.

Skipper's haven - on each side one clean sandy beach, in between a rocky cape with a couple of old trees and in the back some fertile farmland. You can come to the big sandy beach by boat and anchor it safely in front of the 3  acres property. Or take a car and it will take you less than 40 minutes from town to got South.

Project peninsular - a huge property nearby Dar es Salaam waiting for your fully development. Fill 15 acres of top location with your own ideas at Ras Kiromoni.
German villa a residential beach house on a huge compound for lease. With amenities of security, full time water and electricity. House has 3 rooms, garage, veranda and an extra room in a guesthouse - best for singles or young couple and north of Dar.

Island walk made for people who want to start a new life in an already well established hotel business. Only 4 kilometers South from Dar es Salaam city center. Most interesting part of the Tanzanian shelf coast!

Ambience - certainly one of the best furnished mansion of town for rent located in the high class area of Mbezi Beach. Finest furniture, best gardening and lots of space. Double garage, 3 servant rooms, extra guest house with party room and bar, swimming pool and a 5 room storey building with 2 sitting rooms. 

Ulole resort almost 5 hectares with 6 semi-finished houses on a quiet beach 15 kilometer south of Kigamboni ferry. It will suit the demands for developing a resort for students or pensioner.

Park villa at Dar es Salaam's Kawe Beach 13 kilometers from the city center - for sale only. The most fantastic garden on the beach and everything so near by town! 5 bedrooms divided by the living room in two wings - suitable for two parties or big families.
Sun bay with 8 hectares, located on a lagoon, 55 kilometers north of Dar es Salaam, 12 kilometers south of Bagamoyo. With its building-permit for tourist resort and its water depth of 15 meters only seven meters from the shore  it is ideal place for a Marina.  Additional the lagoon of the bay is safe for all water sport activities and well protected of the preceding peninsular. 215 meters of cost line, one building consisting of 4 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms and a long open verandas overlooking the sea side. The property is wall fenced by bricks with lockable gates. Plenty of trees like 20 mangoes, 380 cashew nut and 300 palm trees. 

Bandarini is 25 kilometers south of Dar es Salaam city. The property with its 5 hectares is protected by lagoon and mangroves. 270 meters of shoreline. The place is famous for its quietness! Besides a fantastic island 30 meters in front of the shore belongs to the property! Best location for quiet swimming.

Mwambani is situated along the rocky coast, 25 kilometers south from the ferry of Dar es Salaam. The 4 acres plot has a coast line of about 160 meters. The cliffs of 10 meters have natural stairs. Best facility for swimming and discovering maritime life at low tide. Sandy beaches in direct neighbourhood. Heaps of coral stones as building material are available. Ready to subdivide into smaller lots for private residences. Very remote without any disturbance.

Bomani is an African boma overseeing the lagoon from the most attractive point of view - the top of the hill. The plot is about 1 hectare (10.000m) and has a huge diversity of plants and trees, e.g. mango, palms, baobab, cashew, citrus and so on. Situated 6 kilometers from the tarmac road to Dar es Salaam which is less than 50 kilometers away the property is only 12 kilometers south of Bagamoyo. The old Swahili mansion has water, electricity and is ready for moving in. Best place for a private beach residency or a small hotel. Ready to move in right now!
Oasis invest especially for people who want to live in Zanzibar. Beautiful beach property with 5 rooms furnished, a seven room office in town with business in real estate, monopoly dealer for satellite TV and East African distributor self-defencese products. 2 Vehicles, lots of equipment,  this attractive package can also be sold separately!

Kunduchi villas - Starting price for 2, 3 or 6 fully furnished brand new bedroom houses including 1 car. Therefore the ideal place for people who come new to town. Also very suitable for families with children because the tenants get free access to East Africa's biggest water park. Furnished living is affordable again in Dar es Salaam, Kunduchi.

Fine home - the best home for a young family for a affordable rent in one of Dar es Salaams emerging areas. 3 bedrooms in a well finished house on a huge compound. Hundreds of equivivalent houses are waiting for you in our offline pool - give us your individual requirements.
Buyuni Land at Kawe Beach - 3 acres of open land waiting for your ideas, creation, investment and construction. Please aks us for more details.

Multi farm - 269 acres of fertile agriculture land at the country's most favourite region:  -Kilimanjaro. The former coffee plantation is not only appropriate for coffee- or horticulture it is also best suitable for golf course or hotel usage.

Kilimani lodge - at the slopes of the country's second highest summit, directly in the second biggest town, Arusha. Only 800 meters off the main road which crosses the city center. A running lodge with each and everything best for safari tourists, mountain climbers, overlander, backpacker as well as business men. A very attractive price for foreign investors and local business men.

Long beach located nearby 2 very exclusive beach hotels on a really dream beach. 25 kilometers south from the capital - your unique opportunity for tourism business on a pure sandy and unspoiled beach nearby the famous Ras Kutani.

VIP villa a brand new luxury mansion with all comforts in best quality finishing only 17 kilometers from the city center.4 sleeping rooms, sitting room, garage, huge veranda and nice open garden waiting for your development. For people who like proper quality.

Nunge close to Bagamoyo town  is at the northern end of the coastal tourism high density area. Plot with hotel building permit, existing building and well. From the 5 hectares, 100 meters are at the beach line and the sea bottom is all sandy. Very good business opportunity for a hotel construction.
Hilly hectare located at one of the towns junctions of importance. Offers almost 3 acres for development. Because of the slope of the property you have an incredible view over the beaches at Kunduchi on each place of the plot. This is one of the highest spots in Dar es Salaam. Best suitable for apartments.

Msuri reef - ideal for a weekend house. 50 meter of beach access, fantastic view from top of the slope. Beach hut and toilet on the beach - the top is waiting for your construction. So far the most affordable beach south of Dar es Salaam.

Mawimbi resort, located only 9 kilometers south of the capital, at the towns best beach which has no reef, stones or corals. A running hotel enterprise is operating on the 14 acres plot therefore the best occasion for an hotel investor who do not want to stay to far out of town.

Mwemba lot small, but fine, well protected and affordable. 4 kilometers south of the city center of Dar es Salaam, beautiful sandy waterfront, direct on the tarmac road, own well, and access to electricity and telephone line. 

Comfort house - is the unique opportunity to purchase a fully furnished and equipped house as a good deal. An expatriate offers you a new house of quality with plenty of amenities which were all imported. The house is ready to move in. Enough space for you and your family at the peaceful  Bahari Beach area of Dar es Salaam where the international school and entertainment places are nearby.

Sandy cliffs has a spectacular view over the whole bay. 6,5 acres well protected on top of the cliffs - only 27 kilometer south of Dar es Salaam at one of the most popular beaches of the country.

Vacation plot only half an hour drive south of the capital: 14 acres beach property, fertile soil good for farming. Very attractive relief from the stone free beach going up the slope towards the long fertile plain on top. Ideal for weekend house or even for business. 

Simba cape includes 6 acres, a whole cape. One side directly located at the corner of beautiful sandy beach with non-stop swimming facilities and the other quieter side towards the weather and wind protected side a sandy shelf bay. A huge plot for less  money so nearby town!

River land directly located at the mouth of a clean sweet water river. A fully sandy shelf coast offers lots of activities. Only 21 kilometers south of the Tanzanian capital - construct your vacation house on this affordable property!

Pearl bay with best infrastructure access about 20 kilometer north of Dar es Salaam. Very wide and white sandy beach - good for all water sport activities! House with 4 bedrooms plus a 2-room servant house. Best for residential use - for people who are working in Dar es Salaam and loving beach life.

Residential beach located 25 kilometers south of Dar es Salaam at the most beautiful beach of the south. 6,5 acres on a light slope - best view over a huge bay. Very good neighbourhood - ideal for residence!

Citini is in Dar es Salaams famous Mbezi Beach. With 1742 square meters it is the smallest plot but certainly one of the coziest ones. Build your dream house in the city and direct on the beach.

The above shown properties are only one choice from our pool. If you have not found what you were looking for, do not hesitate to contact us and to tell us what you need, in order to provide you with  suitable proposals from our much wider offline pool.

...because everyone should own a little piece of paradise.




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