Viewed from one of the 20 rooms which are directly located at the 'waterkant'. Great view on a marvelous spot  - the North Cape of the Spice Island Zanzibar. This part of the island has been discovered only a few years ago, but since that time it is the most popular coast of the coral island.

The 20 tasty rooms on the beach front are directly exposed to the open sea and are therefore the excellent point for recreation as the panorama pictures before proves.

At the Southeast corner of the property are a couple of other rooms as well as the manager house located - each and every room has sea view!

Constructed in order to match the typical African village type theme. Each beach house has 4 separated  ensuite bedrooms with AC. The other 20 bedroom in the back are located in 2 wings and offer the same amenities except the do not offer direct sea view.

Bar and restaurant are as located only a few meter from the high water mark level and as soon as you step out of this places you enter the very fine white coral sand - one of Zanzibar's indicators!

International cuisine as well as a well trained bar team are even attracting guest from other locations for lunch as well as for dinner to come to the hotel and other occasion to this resort. Additionally the resort has all conference facilities for up to 100 people!


Here a full panorama view from the front on the beach houses which are less then 20 located from the high water mark level. Bar and restaurant can only be seen half on the right side of the photograph. To the very left is the still open space of the compound. This is the place for your own creation, e.g. swimming pool, tennis court or even some more accommodations.

Furnished with Swahili beds, all rooms have a special flair and sufficient space to spend luxury time inside when recovering from outside life of the breezy balcony or the refreshing beach.


White, clean and almost new are the bath rooms of the accommodations looking like. Water supply is coming by pipe and additionally the hotel has a well nearby.


From the West to the East the long quay protects the frontage which is at high tide a very spectacular spot. To the right first the restaurant, then the bar with the beach accommodation and if you follow the coastline for a couple of kilometers you will come to the famous coral atoll - the only island on Zanzibar's East coast, Mnemba.

Relaxation you might need after one of the exciting beach programs like, diving or snorkeling, deep sea fishing  or even just dhau boat cruising. On the land side you can go for a cultural explorer tour to the local village or just for massage on the beach and who wants to go a bit further can go on a spice tour, city tour or can visit one of Zanzibar's park as well as the dolphins.

Made out of strong coral blocks and waterproof cement. The concrete goes 3 meters deep into the sand where it is anchored in the reef. Although it was quite a costly project the water frontage has 300% now more relaxation.

On the way from Stone Town or from the International Airport to the Northern cape a couple of tourist attraction can be visited or just seen from the car. The 56 kilometer transfer takes about 45 minutes if you will not stop what you will certainly do due to brilliant vegetation with a wide range of tropical fruits, welcoming warm hearted people and an old plus very interesting culture.

4 acres of full sandy beach land with a stretch of more than 160 meters, more than 10 buildings, fully wall fenced and embedded in one of the oldest and most interesting fishing places of Tanzania. On the East side between the border wall and the manager house in the back is the open space which is waiting for your construction to be build.


About 56 km or 45 minutes drive North from Zanzibar town at the Norhtern Cape

Farm size

4 acres

Property Type

hotel property

Vegetation palms, casuarinas, papaw and lemon trees
Documents/Permits Title deed
Buildings 6 accommodation houses for the guests, 1 manager house, reception/office house, kitchen as well as store, bar, restaurant, generator as well as servant houses additionally the compound is brick fended to 3 sides and on the whole length of the sea side is quay protecting the sandy beach stretch of erosion.
Neighbour Located between hotels
Special Features 125KVA standby generator, fully equipped kitchen with a cold room facility, satellite TV
Distance to tarmac road 4 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 40 meters
Distance to shopping facilities 0,1 kilometers
Price Price on request



P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317