Perfect fitted underneath and inbetween the tall and mature coconut palms of the historical area of the Spice Island, Zanzibar, this location is the ideal spot for all Zanzibar Town visitors who prefer to stay in a green, lush vegetation instead of the stressy and polluted city life while enjoying all infrastructural and cultural facilities of Stone Town.

Only a few hundred meters the guesthouse is placed off the tarmac road well hidden in evergreen tropical vegetation.


Left of the above pictured entrance gate you have splendid view through the palms on the Indian Ocean of the West coast of Zanzibar.



Due to the great variation of different palms and trees in the garden of the 'Guesthouse koko', plenty of cool and shady places are offering a pleasant rest as well as sport acitivities for all ages.



Between the Indian Ocean and the property is a small part of mangrove vegetation with lots of different maritime species, therefore it is an unspoiled paradise for all friends of nature life. The palm thatched roof of the restaurant and the upper parts of the residence can be recognized through the palms.


Karibu or welcome in this typical coastal bar-restaurant which is fully construced by local materials.

For the time being this double storey building is used by the servants, but it will certainly very well serve as an additionaly guestroom.

5 romantic cottages are waiting for the guests. All of them are well fitted into the garden atmosphere of the guesthouse.


Each of the fully naturally built chalets has 4 beds - the bathrooms is at the end of bungalow. This means that up to 20 people can be accommodated in the gueshouse and additionally the compound also offers camping facilities.


The mainhouse where the new owner or manager will live is situated on top of a small hill, overlooking all other 8 builings of the compound.

With 3 bedrooms the house is big enough to accommodate a small family.

In contrast to the bathrooms of the cottages, the one of the main house is fully tiled.


At the West end of the property is a bigger open space which borders directly to the creek running to the Ocean. Depending on the requirements of the people, this place is used from time to time for camping.


You will pass this way, when you follow the 2-minutes trail leading down to the Ocean.

Now you have reached the man-built hill in front of the sea. By the way this area is also famous for a Princess having her residence in the neighbourhood.


More than 3800mē for continuing and extending a guesthouse business on the booming coral island of Zanzibar are waiting for your ideas.


Very well located in the middle of the island, the property gives you fast and easy access to all different beach location on the island and in particular to all attractions and facililities of the neighbouring Stone Town.

Just like a palmy oasis looks the area from the plane, but in fact it is part of the suburbs of Zanzibar Town.

Standing finally on the full sandy beach, Zanzibar Town, the proceeding islands as well as the historical buildings in the area are becoming visible. Please ask us for more, so that we can arrange your bookings for an unforgotten stay.


A few kilometers North  from Zanzibar Stone Town

Plot size

1 acre

Property Type

Commercial property


77 meters

Beach front

58 meters (mangroves)


Plenty of coconut palms, mango, mangroves, lemon trees plus flowers, indigenous shrubs and trees


33 years lease agreement, registered by the Commission of Tourism


8 commercially used small cottages, a kitchen house, bar-restaurant a 3-bedroom main house and a double storey servant house



Special Features

A good garden atmosphere, natural built buildings and a situation of unspoiled nature due to the mangroves. 60% of the visitors are coming via an European NGO which charges only 3% commission!

Distance to tarmac road

400 meters

Distance to next settlement

100 meters 

Distance to shopping facilities


Price and conditions

On request




P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317