You do not need much fantasy or a detailed project plan to manage a huge agriculture property like this. What you need is to give work to the locals who are keen to be employed by you. Let it be for breeding animals, planting anything you like to grow or to implement any exotic ideas like a zoo and top security projects, Bush farm will be the right place in size and price for you.

The last kilometers which bring you through the bush are running on a much smaller gravel road than the one which goes off the tarmac road 12 kilometers before.

For almost 300 meters the South border of the property goes along the important railways coming from Dar es Salaam going to Zambia. Therefore it is a farm property in the bush which is connected to the main traffice veines of the country.

Getting water is no problem: Digging by hand in the right place at the right time and you or your animals will get sufficient water. 

It was not easy to catch the whole dimension of the property on a few pictures, but what is left to say is that you need time for a site visit only to surround the property - approximately 6 kilometer!

So close located towards the economical capitals, its sea port and towards Tan

zania's most important railway line as well as tarmac road, the crops of this farm can reach easily its market.




At the East border of this big chunk of land the plain is covered by a pond. Good place for all water crops and breeding animals!


50 kilometers westwards from Dar es Salaam towards Morogoro and then 12 kilometers off the tarmac road

Farm size

300 acres

Property Type

unsurveyed farm property

Vegetation  lemon, orange, cashew and thousands of other indigenous trees
Documents/Permits unsurveyed
Buildings -
Neighbour locals and people from town
Special Features waterhole, pond and railway access
Distance to tarmac road 12 kilometers
Distance to next settlement 300 meters
Distance to shopping facilities 2 kilometer
Price Price on request


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

FAX 002 55 22 2701317