Safe, strong and solid are this double storey beach houses, standing on the 2 meter tall coral uphill over viewing the white sandy beach and the blue Indian Ocean. Definitive a great place to visit, to work or in particular to invest in.

Just after a very short drive, never exceeding 40 minutes from Stonetown or the International Airport you enter the property via the gate passing by at the here displayed parking facility.


All further walk ways are not used by cars although they are broad enough, because the hotel was designed for and booked by big international tour operator companies who brought their guest mainly by buses.


Hidden and well protected the swimming pool offers sufficient space in the water as well as it's patio around for all non-swimming activities around the pool.

Whoever prefers more privacy as and more African flair around, sleeps in the African round chalet of which each and every one has its own sea view and breeze.

From the front line of the cottages the slope falls slightly towards the sea and offers a free view through the well maintained garden on the ocean.



In the middle of the property is the main hotel complex situated. It consists out of bar, reception, office, kitchen and restaurant. Here displayed the lobby with the bar around the corner.

With almost the same big size the restaurant is located opposite side and kept 300 degrees open to catch lots of sea breeze.

20 of the 30 self-contained hotel rooms are resembling in this style, size and amenities. Further they have either a balcony or a terrace and all rooms have a Zanzibarian wooden polls-ceiling.


Very inviting is the terrace of the 10 chalets which are all pointing to the beach.

Slightly smaller and simpler are the round rooms of this 10 chalet accommodations.

From the middle of the property this pictures displays a small part of the hotel main buidling to the left, the pool in the middle and the following round chalet, but servant houses to the right can not be seen.


The above shown photograph was taken from the first floor of this 10-room utility building which also accommodates the senior staff of the hotel.

Fully equipped with all modern electronic appliances, tools and an huge cold room is the kitchen waiting for your orders



30 of the 60 staff to run the hotel conveniently are accommodated in this 2 servant quarters.


Right of the house for the 180KvA generator its diesel tank, follows the water tank which gets supplied by the hotel owned sweet water well.


Exactly East from Zanzibar Town following a short passage on the new tarmac road, the property is located along the famous, sandy East Coast of the island.

More than 14 acre are intensively used in order to accommodate even more than 80 guests with most  privacy and quality along this 325 meter beach stretch.

The border line of more than 176 meters going into the untouched bushy interior can be recognized as a slim line from this satellite picture. Further an optimal usages with direct sea view for each accommodation of the 325 meter sandy beach front catches the eye.


East coast of Zanzibar

Plot size

14 acre

Property Type

Hotel property with title deed


176 meters

Beach front

325 meters


Coconut palm followed by various flowers and different tropical trees which end up in the local coast shrub on the West side


Zanzibar Investment Promotion Agency Certificate, lease & license


5 double-storey buildings with 4 self-contained rooms, 10 chalets, an huge complex of restaurant, kitchen, reception and bar, a 10 room double storey multi-purpose building, 2 servant quarter bungalows for accommodating 30 servants, genset house with fuel tank, water tank.


Government and foreign investor

Special Features

180 Kva genset and an own 10 meter deep sweet water well plus an additional leased full sandy beach (sandbank) leased for the purpose of excursions and accessed by hotel 3 owned boats with 85, 85 & 40 HP

Distance to tarmac road

200 meters

Distance to next settlement

20 meters

Distance to shopping facilities

500 meter


The price is on request!


P. O. Box 105 200 Dar es Salaam/Tanzania

Fax 002 55 22 2701317